Meet Molly: The Truth About Ecstasy

In this article the author talks about the drug Molly. Molly seems like a person but in a actuality molly is a nick name for MDMA also known as Ecstasy. In the article the author includes the example of how pop singer, Madonna asks a crowd of her fans if they have ever met Molly. The media and public became outraged at Madonna saying that she encouraged young adults to become reckless and use drugs. Later the pop star included that she does not condone Molly nor has ever used the drug herself. But what is Molly made from exactly? MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is a man made drug made from many mixtures of chemicals and substances. "It’s commonly used at dance clubs and concerts, and can make people feel like they have more energy and less fear." The author states that Molly is a dangerous drug because the person who makes the drug can put whatever ingredients they want to in them. And also the drug makes you extremely hyper and dehydrated which can cause you to have a seizure and possibly die.

I agree with this article because I think that the music industry should stop exploiting drugs if they are not about that life. I completely disagree with Madonna's judgment by talking about the drug to her fans. Young Adults that idolize their favorite celebs will become extremely curious about what they are talking about. Being a college student, i often hear about people my age using the popular drug. I often wonder what the purpose of the drug really is. There is a myth that the drug makes you become more sexually active while you are using. But is this true or just a myth. I believe that the drug ultimately does make your actions and body speed up when you're using it but i do not necessarily believe it influences someones actions. Heighten and increase the actions but change the actions, i do not think so.

How Well Do You Know Molly?

The author's purpose of this article is to talk about the popular drug Molly and informing it's readers about the side effects, consequences, and problems that occur when taking the drug. "Molly" or Ecstasy is a drug that contains MDMA. MDMA feeds the brain with "mood-enhancing neurotransmitters that cause the user to feel euphoric, and promotes a general feeling that all is right with the world." Surprisingly, the author states in the article that Many people do Molly because it is the least addicting drug to use. However, the drug can be laced or mixed with other drugs which can potentially become a huge problem and also very harmful the the human body. The drug is dangerous because it can also "cause rapid breathing and heart rate, and can cause the body’s temperature to shoot up, causing seizures, strokes, coma, or even death."

guarantee like this blog because it talks about the dangers of using the drug. Most people just think that you have to keep your body hydrated in order to not have any medical problems however that is not the case. Molly can give you seizures and can cause death. The drug alone might slightly be less harmful than others but there is no guarantee that the drug you are taking is just Ecstasy by itself. What striked me a lot and what i found very interesting was that a lot of medical physicians say that the drug can cure tramua. But is it really worth the try? Should PTSD patients experiment with this drug? I personally so not think it is safe to use period. But others might disagree,

Can you die from taking Molly?

This article is simply about the question if the harmful drug Molly, or Ecstasy is harmful enough to the point to where it can kill you? A lot of young adults that are substance abusers often ask that question to their peers. Being a college student i have witnessed a lot of students using drugs and talking about experimenting with Molly. But will this experimenting lead to death? The author initially states in the beginning of this article that, you can die from accidental overdosing on Molly. The author also talks about the effects such as hallucinating and experiencing a state of euphoria. Because it is known as the "club drug" Many people want to use the drug because it will increase their energy and enjoyment

I believe that this article was very informative unlike the other blogs. This blog article focuses on the medical side of using drugs instead of the social problem. Molly is a nickname for the popular drug Ecstasy. Ecstasy is a stimulant drug that many people think makes them want to have sex. In this article I learned that the drug is unfortunately very harmful to the body.